The Imams of the Masjid are available to impart knowledge and information for any individual interested in the teachings of Islam.

Any individual who is interested in accepting Islam is welcome to the Masjid to perform the ceremony of accepting the Declaration of Faith (Shahadah).

Individuals are supported in many ways during the process of accepting Islam and through the adoption of the necessities and obligations required by Islam after accepting it Literature, support, advice, and lessons are imparted to the individual to aid them in religious, social, and personal matters.

For any interested individuals please contact the Imam (leader) of the Masjid (Mosque).



Janazah (funeral) services can be arranged through the Masjid. Syed Shah Mustafa Jame’ Masjid can make arrangements for the washing and storage of the deceased and can help in the following areas:

  • Releasing the body from the mortuary/hospital.

  • Arrangements of burial at the graveyard

  • Perform the Ghusl (with provision of the necessary materials)

  • Provision of Kafn (shroud for the deceased)

  • Provision of coffin.

  • Transportation of the body to the graveyard

  • Janazah Salaah and Burial service


For more information on the requirements, processes and procedures of the Nikah please contact us.